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How This Online Income Mentorship Works

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Built for South Africans

Built for South Africans

I began working on these online income “engines” back in 2001 from my home on Leisure Isle in Knysna. Two years later I made the transition online.

I built the engines knowing how unstable the web can be. So you can be sure that I will not teach you anything that does not work where you live.

SA Web access might not be as good as many countries, but it is much better than the worst access I faced for a year in Spain.

SA web access is plenty good enough for you to earn dollars. If you do have iffy access where you live I will show you a few options that allow you to connect to many connections at the same time to get the best combined speed possible.

Fast Easy Start…

Built for South Africans

You start with a 12-video series “aerial overview” of the Internet and money. It’s a fast-start course for folk who know nothing about how money flows through the web.

Once you have completed this Accelerated section you’ll have a solid base to progress to making your ideas real.

This accelerated course is fantastic. It gives an overview of everything but in such a complete way. Refreshing and interesting too.

Alex Paynter

24 Months Unlimited Access

24 Month Unlimited Access

The Site is geared for access by every possible device, including Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. As well as iPads and Tablets. And iPhones and Smartphones. Anything that supports a browser, in fact.

You get as much access to the site as you want, including downloading all the content for a full 24 months.

Learn at Your Own Pace

How fast you learn will depend on three things:

  • How computer-adept you are,
  • How much time you have, and
  • How hungry you are.

After you’ve sped through the 12-session accelerated course, and you have an overview of the money-side of the web, we work out a personal plan for you based on your interests, your history, and your current challenges.

Then we work together to make your new plan a reality. There are just two things that can happen. You learn or you earn. Both are great outcomes to set you up for your next efforts.

Video-Based Training

Learn by Video

The site is full of videos covering the various facets of the work we do online to generate income. This means you can watch a section as often as you want to, until you grasp what you need to know.

The videos are about learning, and about showing you what you might encounter “out in the wild”.

Website SandBox Hosting

SandBox Hosting for 24 Months

You would not believe how many folk struggle to choose a domain name.

Rather than fight it, this Sandbox mechanism lets you set up your site safely and privately, and as it develops we can choose an appropriate domain name. This takes away a lot of the pressure and gets you up to speed much faster, and more comfortably.

Very Personal Support

Built for South Africans

I support you personally.

When you have a problem you just email me or complete theform at the bottom of most members’ pages. If the answer is simple I email an answer back fast.

If the problem is more complex we set a time to talk on Skype or phone. (I have a local JHB number that redirects to me wherever I am.)

If the problem is technical and unique to your situation we diagnose it together via Teamviewer, with me seeing what you see on your PC.

This support is as much for your state of mind as it is for your income streams. The Web can be a lonely place otherwise.

Weekly Q&A Sessions…

Question and Answer sessions each week

These sessions are mix of new material as the web changes as well as deeper answers to questions. Sessions are live on Wednesday evenings.

They are usually 60 minutes long.

Each session is recorded and shared and stored.

Zero-Risk Online Income Streams…

Income Streams

Setting up online income streams involves zero risk when you know what you are doing. The only real cost is your time.

  • No office, no staff, no commute, and almost free communications.
  • No deposits, no sureties, no water and lights.
  • No business registration hassles, at least until your business is running at full throttle.
  • No need for a perfect credit record, even if you want to accept credit cards.
  • No expensive billboards, stationery, and brand design.

This means that you can easily test ideas until one shows promise. That’s how I have been doing it since 2003. And that’s what I teach you in this online income mentorship progam.

Without the thought provoking insights I’m learning from your course, its temping to make subjective based assumptions and getting things wrong. Your comments helped clear up the questions, much appreciated!
Rouen Williams

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