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About Your Guide, Peter Carruthers.

Internet Veteran Peter Carruthers Teaches South Africans How to Earn Income Online

Your Guide, Peter Carruthers, for this Online Income Adventure

My name is Peter Carruthers. I was born in Cape Town and lived in South Africa for 48 years before going walkabout to Norway via England and Spain.

I am the author of CrashProof your Business, South Africa’s best-selling book on how to survive business closure. Since 1992 I have trained more than 30,000 South African small businesses owners. You’ll find me peppered all over the web. A bunch of sites are the mistakes I made along this journey. It took lots of learning to help hundreds of people build independent income streams online

I spent six months in Australia around Christmas 1999. The family was travelling light. When we stopped in Melbourne I needed a printer. At 5 PM one afternoon I bought an HP Laserjet from an online business in Sydney. At 9 AM the next morning it arrived. It is not unusual now. Back then, the speed was a revelation.

I realised this same firm could set up a South African version of their website overnight, ship a container of printers to Durban, and dominate the South African market. Back then none of us had that vision. But this experience set me on this path of income independence. When I arrived back in South Africa all my marketing went online immediately even though I still delivered seminars at physical venues.

By 2003, my entire business, marketing, selling, and deliverables, was online.

Let Me Hold Your Hand…

We all want more money but nobody wants to talk about it.

I have spent my adult life talking to small business owners about money, about business closure, about abject failure, and about losing everything. Regular business startups are massively loaded with costs and risks. Online businesses are not.

I teach and guide regular people into online businesses that suit their skills and temperaments, that have no risks, and that cost very little to set up. It’s taken me 20 years to learn all this stuff. And a whole lot of mistakes.

I know how strange and lonely this path can become. This course is designed so that I hold your hand as you grow.

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Online Income For Life…

When I first dreamed of going online, dropping the shackles of a traditional business, I needed a regular monthly income, big enough to support a new family.

That meant knowing enough to survive the ups and downs. So, while everyone else was chasing the next new thing, I focused on a few simple business concepts I had learned before the web arrived. I melded those with some of the new technology, and since 2003 I have averaged $15,000 each month while living wherever I wanted to. (Or rather, wherever Mrs Carruthers wanted to.)

Just to be clear. I am not talking about passive income. I share a range of methods that work superbly now, have worked since 2003, and will continue to work as technology changes. Passive income is a pipe-dream in a world growing ever more competitive.