South Africans Building Online Businesses & Incomes

Why Online Income?

This site teaches you how to earn income online. In 2003 I dropped all my offline efforts to go completely online. I hated the crescendo of local red tape and rules that got in the way of feeding my family. I wanted grow beyond of the SA economy. US Dollars seemed a much better option than Rands back then. They still do. And I really wanted freedom to travel with my business coming along in my laptop.

Since 2003 I have averaged US$15,000 in monthly online income. What stops you from doing the same?

Peter Carruthers and Family

Peter Carruthers and Family Living Online

Most of us don’t know where to start to earn income online. A Google search this morning for Build Online Income offers 455,000,000 results. Almost all the pages present the same tired recipes.

Most offer free ideas that are worthless. They meander around what others have written about but they don’t show you how to actually do it!

That’s where this program is different. You learn tried and tested systems to build your own online incomes.

These are the same machines I used to derive $15,000 each month for more than a decade. You will learn each from scratch, step by step. They’re the result of 35 years of small business experience blended with a passion for computers going back to my first PC in 1984.

From the beginning I knew the Internet would change fast. I needed to provide for my family despite those changes. You will learn how to survive the changing web and how to continue to earn online income via myriad lifetime income streams.

Bottom line: If you know how to send an email then you can make this online income thing work as well.

How Close are You to Retirement Age?
How to Retire Earning Income Online

Earn Retirement Income Online

Dozens of surveys show that up to 95% of people facing retirement just cannot afford it. Compound that with the uncertainty facing our country and the future looks bleak indeed.

I spent years worrying about retirement. After years of being in business for myself including a very successful business I could not understand why I was so far behind in my own retirement provisions. I surveyed small business owners five years ago through my PetesWeekly blog to ask how many were financially ready for retirement. 667 people replied. Just one claimed to be ready. The rest were desperate.

I figured that if so many of us were in trouble then the problem must be systemic, rather than us individually being at fault. I began looking for answers. I presented these in a 5-session, 7-hour seminar series for small business owners facing retiring. One of the answers was to build an online income as soon as possible.

So many of the delegates asked me to help them build online income streams that I set up this mentorship program to solve that specific need. Most of these fine people had neglected their PC skills so much that a mentorship was a lot more appropriate than a regular course.

Currently you need R1million in retirement savings for every R3000 monthly income if you’re married and want an inflation linked income during your retirement. Most of us are not even close.

You and I are lucky enough to live in miraculous times which allow us to easily earn income without being employed in a real job.

As we get older we forget how much we have learned. It’s easy to look at all the new bling and think that we’re out of date. We are emphatically not out of date. That lifetime of skill and knowledge and answers that we could until recently only share with our grandkids can now be gainfully shared with anyone on earth.


Are you Stuck at Home?
Earn Online Income While Working from Home

Earn Online Income While Working from Home

This is exactly what I do now, and have done since 2003.

When I dropped out of medical school I found it very tough to get a job. I left Med School after realising that dealing with healthy people was a lot more fun than dealing with sick people.

Back then my problem was that I was diabetic. I wasn’t allowed onto company medical aids. All firms had a rule  that demanded that I belong to the medical aid before they would employ me.

Catch-22. So, no job.

I found a job eventually. Fifteen years later, when my business closed in 1992, I bumped into the same problem. If anything was guaranteed to nail down my determination to work for myself, it was just that.

The Internet arrived at the exactly the right time for me.

Until a decade ago it was very difficult to earn any real money from home. Even now, most of the offerings on the Internet generate a pittance. Doing surveys! That’s like stuffing envelopes!

The main reason we can’t earn money from home is that we are geographically bound. We service a local market, or – at very best – a regional market. Most South Africans have better skills than most people in other parts of the world. And we have much stronger initiative. We are hungrier. This South African eye for opportunity, combined with the low cost of living inside Africa, means that we don’t have to earn a lot of dollars to do very well.

You will not learn just one recipe to earn income. You will learn a set of lifetime skills. To use the recipe metaphor, you will learn to be the master of your income kitchen for the rest of your life.

Is Your Offline Business Losing Traction?
Online business is hurting offline businesses

Online is eating Offline businesses faster than we foresaw…

Online commerce is eating offline business faster than any of us imagined:

  • Travel agents,
  • conference venues,
  • newspapers,
  • bookstores,
  • taxis,
  • insurance agents and brokers,
  • the list grows.

And while you are next week’s lunch it is hard to get context.

That is no reason to give up. You already have business skills, and these come from time invested at many coalfaces. These skills are sorely lacking in most small online entrepreneurs. This means you already have  massive advantage.

I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners leverage the web into quality sources of prospects and sales, as well as complete new endeavours.


Scared of the Technology?
Earn Online Income for the first time...

New Online Income Driver

This program makes no assumptions about your previous knowledge or skills, other than that you can do simple PC tasks like creating a simple spreadsheet.

Without basic comfort with a PC you’d be better off going through a quick PC basics course to get started. And then come back. We’ll be waiting…

Starting from scratch has a few advantages. You’re not likely to carry as much baggage as the rest of us. That means you might get up to speed faster.


How Earnster Gets You Online Fast…

My role is to:

  • Show you how money flows through the web for us smaller players. You start with an Accelerated 12-session video series designed to expand your horizons very fast.
  • Then we discuss your background, your skills, what problems you’ve faced so far in your life. Your background is unique to you, but each individual facet represents an issue that many people will face. Your experience can help a lot of people, even if you don’t think it was remarkable in any way.
  • This discussion offers the  seeds of income-generating ideas. I have yet to find anyone who did not end this session inspired with new ideas.
  • We then match one of the income models to what you will offer.
  • Then you build it and test until some income flows.
  • And then you do it again, as often as you want to.

Your training is self-paced:

  • using 80 hours of videos,
  • asking questions at our live question and answer sessions
  • via my personal email support
  • as well as individual phone and video support.

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